In May We Are Going To Go To A Camping Festival For 3 Days! We Have Been Looking At Stuff To Take With Us And I Want To Tell You.

Pop Up Tent
Sleeping Bag
Roll Mat Or Air bed
Travel Pillow
Camping Stall/Chair
Picnic Mat

Suncream Or Aftersun
Baby Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
Toilet Roll
Dry Shampoo
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Travel Towel

WaterProof Jacket
Hoodies Or Fleece

Portable Charger
Bin Bags
Disposable Camera

So That Is What You Have To Bring To A Festival, Also We Bought Watermelon Tents That Look Really Nice! I Can’t Wait Until This Trip In May!!




Fun Day #2


Well this is a fun day and not so much. I Woke up In The Morning With Sleep ( Eye Boogers) Or Whatever You Call Them All Down My Face And It Felt Really Sore So I Went To The Mirror And Looked In It. My Eyes Were BRIGHT PINK! I Told My Mum @Kippers And Curtains And I Went Downstairs With Her And My Little Brother Finley And I Saw My Sister With A Bucket Next To Her And She Looked All Pale.We Both Had A Shower To Wake Us Up And Now We Feel All Better, Sadly we were meant to go to our nannies house for Easter but my mum didn’t want us spreading germs to everyone. Mum Called Our Grandad and he said when we feel better we will go to his house! But Still Its Lucky that we are better 🙂

Happy Valentines!


Happy Valentines Day Everyone! We Woke Up In The Morning And We Found 3 Cards One From My Mum One From My Dad And One From Me.At Lunch We Went Outside For A Walk We Went To The Shops To Get Some Stuff And Then We Went To The Park After That We Had A Walk Through The Muddy Woods.Then We Went To Another Park Near Our House And Played For A Bit.We Went On The Round-A-Bout Thingy And My Dad Pushed Us REALLY Fast I Nearly Swung Off!Then We Went Back Home To Have A Rest.

How Was Your Valentines Day?

Decorating our bedroom


So We Have Been Decorating Our Bedroom Recently we’ve painted our room mint green and white and we’ve put up my anime posters and we have just put up my soot sprite stickers.My dad Is Going To Make Us Beds That Fold Up Into Our Wall And Because I Share A Room With My Sister And Brother We Are Going To Have Our Own Part Of The Room.I’m Really excited to get on with the beds! when We Do Do It I Will Tell You How It Went  😉

1 More day ’til Xmas


So,its 1 more sleep to go until xmas day.That went fast!So today at about 3 in the afternoon we’re going to Kass and Scarlett’s house.We done it last year and tracked Santa on Steve’s phone.He looked like a star moving very fast!It literally went over the house.So My Mum and Dad are going to talk to Kass and Steve (Scarlett’s Mum and Dad) and we would be playing in Scarlett’s room ,also we would be playing with her 2 pugs penny and violet for a bit.We would probably leave at half 5 or 6 o’clock.Then we weould probably have our dinner at our house, watch some tv, put PJ’s on and go to bed waiting for presents under the tree and stockings filled up for the morning.

atleast that’s my plan of the day.

Merry Xmas xxx

Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween!I’m going to not just talk about Halloween but about what I’m doing in that Halloween half term.

So let’s start of with Finn Finns birthday,he is going to be 4 years old and we’ve been sneeking around the shops buying presents for him.This is our plan…

Uncle Paul is going to drive us to a pumpkin patch which also is where tractors are.

We are going to get some pumpkins.

Then we are going to Nanny’s house, where we are going to have his cake!

sounds good right?

Now lets talk about Halloween.

We are going to Kass’s house (blog is heralteredheart) and going trick or treating with more people.

Have a good halloween holiday! 😀